Hi Everyone!

My name is Alexis, I am an aspiring nutritionist pursuing my goal of becoming a registered dietician one day. I love to travel, be outside, and spend time with my dog; but, my greatest loves are writing and health.

A Little Background..

Although this is a weight loss/health blog, I don’t have the kind of success story where I was little-methe chubby kid my whole life, got picked on for it, etc. I wasn’t the chubby kid at all; in fact, I was a pretty active, lean kid (until high school.) Although weight wasn’t an issue during my childhood, there were others. I developed a lateral lisp (slushy sounding S/X/Z’s) and it definitely did not make for a “normal” childhood. I was tortured by other kids in school, ridiculed, the butt of jokes. The classic, “I don’t want to be rude, but, why do you talk like ‘this?’ *child proceeds to imitate my speech*”

Thankfully, I had an amazing speech therapist, and by the age of 11, I sounded pretty normal! It was great! Except, the constant mockery made for a very reserved, quiet, anxious child.

Lockers, Boys, Pimples..and Weight Gain

I trained myself not to speak; stay quiet, and they won’t have a reason to make fun of you. Well, that worked (kind of) as a kid, but going into high school was difficult. Sporadic “friendships,” spending lunchtime hiding so that people wouldn’t notice that I was by myself. I was a bundle of anxiety and emotion..and what can we all agree makes us feel better? Food.

I loved junk, had quite the sweet tooth (still do!),  100_3187and would indulge in very large volumes of food. Coming home after a bad day, the first thing I wanted to do was eat. It turned into this vicious cycle: I would arrive at school, surrounded by other kids in shape, feel painfully insecure about my appearance, vow to not eat anymore, starve all day at school, and then come home and eat thousands of empty calories at once.

I weighed 133 pounds (I stand at 5’2) my first day of senior year of high school. I would fluctuate between 135-145.  I now fluctuate between 165-175. The highest number I’ve seen on the scale is 181. The funny thing is that I thought I was an obese monster in high school. I was so evil to myself, constantly telling myself how fat I was, how ugly, how gross, etc. That was 40 pounds ago! I wish I was in the 130’s!

Changing for my Future

It’s made me realize a few things. One is that the happiness we all long for isn’t a direct reflection of our bodies or our weight.

Brother getting sworn in! August 2013

Of course, it helps to like what we see in the mirror, but so much of it is what we tell ourselves. No matter where you are in your journey, there will always be someone who would kill to be where you are–I know it sounds crazy! But it is the truth. It’s about daily affirmations: We have to believe that we are powerful, strong, motivated, and beautiful; the weight loss will follow.

So fast forward 6 years from then, I’ve met the man of my dreams and can’t wait to marry him (6-2-18!) I’ve made a decision that I want to start this new chapter of my life as the happy person I deserve to be. I want to feel great when I look in the mirror. I want to be healthy and not have to be on blood pressure medication in my mid twenties. I want to enjoy life and work on putting an end to my anxiety.

Through endless hours of reading and doing, I’ve discovered that a HFLC (high fat, low carb) lifestyle is what makes me feel good. I believe in the benefits it has for my body, I love the results, and I am passionate about the way it makes me feel, both physically and mentally.

Now, I am putting my time into doing what I really love:
Connecting with people through topics that I truly care about; and, in turn, I hope to have the means to reach my goal of being a part of the nutrition & diet workforce.


Ultimately, I aim to cultivate a life I am passionate about in both my hobby and future career.

Thanks for reading,
May we all achieve our goals!!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw